New Review: Far Cry 2

My torrid relationship with Citizen Game continues. The latest crime of passion? My review of Far Cry 2 on PC. Here’s the sordid details…

Far Cry 2 is unmistakably a shooter, untainted by any tacked on RPG elements. The only way to interact meaningfully with any NPC or object is to hurl bullets at them or, if that doesn’t elicit the appropriate response, some explosives. And that’s fine. It’s uncluttered and easy to grasp. But because of the way we’ve been conditioned by every other FPS ever, you expect to be constantly shepherded, given instructions to go somewhere and kill something where upon you have a cutscene and a new objective is assigned. Far Cry 2 just doesn’t work like that and once you understand that it becomes a much more enjoyable game.

Can you dig it?

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  1. Roadrunner says:

    I’m commenting on your blog. 😀

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