First Professional Publication at The Escapist

This a bit of a big day for me. All the work I’ve done writing about games up until now has been for free or in exchange for the odd game or two. Today that changed, as The Escapist published it’s new issue. I’m in it. I’m delighted. Have a read and share your thoughts.

We all have parts of ourselves that embarrass us or make us feel self-conscious. Instead of letting it all hang out, you try to present the best of yourself – the last thing you want is for your partner to get a glimpse of your stranger or less attractive aspects and lose interest. That was what gaming was for me: something private, not to be discussed for fear it would ruin my chances of being taken seriously by the opposite sex. In a way, it was crippling – until I realized that it’s only through the sharing of experience that we grow closer to other people.

Dedicated to Jen. For being awesome.

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