Some New Work

I’ve been a bit tardy keeping this up to date, but here’s the most recent batch of words to appear under my name, both at the rather spiffing Resolution Magazine.

Good Things About Bad Games: Kane & Lynch:

Kane and Lynch are how Lethal Weapon’s Riggs and Murtagh would’ve turned out if writer Shane Black had made those characters criminals instead of cops and Smokin’ Aces’ Joe Carnahan had been around to direct.

Quite proud of that one, and it’s hopefully going to turn into a bit of a series as soon as I can figure out what to play next. Someone suggested the latest Alone in the Dark. Not sure I’m ready for something like that.

Oh, and here’s a review of Sword of the Stars: The Ultimate Collection that nearly got me in trouble:

The most memorable aspect of Sword of the Stars is, ultimately, its modesty. Kerberos are a small Canadian developer made up of some of the bods responsible for Homeworld: Cataclysm and would seem to be well aware of their own limits. While Sword of the Stars doesn’t necessarily feel cheap, there’s an economy to its design and aesthetic that suggests it was made on a comparatively small budget, and the game seems to focus primarily on things the developers felt they could do extremely well, at the expense of additional features.

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