Kingdom of Loathing

It’s good fun. Sort of. I’ve been doing a little freelance work for Gamezebo, one of the biggest casual gaming portals on the web, and the first of that work appeared online last week. It was commissioned as a review, but they seem to have posted it up as a feature without the score that I gave it. Not that I mind too much of course. I’ve enjoyed producing content for them so far. It’s great to be able to write for an audience other than the hardcore for a change.

I’ve given up trying to describe Kingdom of Loathing (KoL) to my friends. “It’s an online adventure of sorts,” I usually say, “and I’m currently a Pastamancer, armed with a spaghetti catapult and clad in a frilly skirt, sporting a monocle I took off a rat. Who was also a Baron.” And it’s around about that point that my friends politely excuse themselves and make very rapidly to go about doing something else.

Clicky clicky.

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