X-Com Diary: Part 2

Ahoy there. This is Part 2 of my X-Com Apocalypse play diary. For an introduction and Part 1, please click here. Since the first post I’ve tried changing a few display settings within Dosbox for better quality screenshots, let me know if you think there’s been much of an improvement or if you can recommend a particular configuration. Otherwise, read on.

Day Two

It was not a good night for X-Com. As the sun went down on our first successful tactical mission, the mood was high. We’d kicked alien arse and come away without a scratch. We’d recovered a strange looking alien weapon that’d been sent straight to the lab to await research, and I can only imagine that my Agents were busily toasting Dezzick’s (now Dezzick The Boxkiller) promotion to Squaddie. All that was about to change.

That night the enemy sent UFO’s at us in force. The deadly looking blancmanges  above were the first of the wave of six that popped through to try and deposit some more aliens about the city. Some were successful…

Others were not…

My hoverbikes and Phoenix hovercars had a little help from Megapol’s local police cars, but we couldn’t target every UFO in time. Some managed to deposit their cargo in one of the slum areas and at a government warehouse before making it back through one of the dimension gates. We killed several craft mid-air, but did manage to bring down one and recover it for study. But I was worried. We had new enemies on the ground and undoubtedly up to no good. Now all I could do was wait for the first alert.

It didn’t take long. I bundled most of my Agents back into the J-Mobile and made for the site. You’ll notice I decided to deploy two more troopers this time – I equipped both Asmodeus and Inertia with autocannons; massive multi-barreled monsters that can fire high-explosive or incendiary rounds. I was anticipating serious resistance and packing serious heat.

The slum engagement was hectic. I deployed my Agents in two squads of four, and both were immediately rushed by aliens. Dezzick’s squad, above, was almost swarmed by those giant green worms you can see. The little purple worms are what burst out of them when they’re killed and are a nasty surprise, but once I ordered Asmodeus to stop trying to aim his weapon and just let rip with the autocannon they were mown down pretty much instantly. High-explosive ammunition will be standard issue for him from now on.

Enemy casualties were high, but we took a loss right toward the end of the mission. My second squad attempted to storm the fire escape and gain entry to the building from the side, but they ran smack into a pack of aliens coming the other way. It was a point-blank shooting gallery in a doorway one square across, which meant only one or two of my Agents could open fire at once. The four aliens, including those pink monstrosities that spat green goo, had no such problem as they were spread out along the corridor. They opened up on Korgha, who had the misfortune to go first, as soon as he was through the doorway. He went from being critically wounded to critically dead before the squad could pull back, but not before taking one of the aliens down with him. The Admiral and Inertia piled in through the doorway rapid firing and cleared the corridor, but it was too late for Korgha.

A ten point casualty penalty. He will be missed. Otherwise, it was a successful mission with plenty of experience and promotions all round. Still lacking a means with which to recover alien bodies for research, I can only hope my Agents took the time to chuck all the corpses in the nearest dumpster before returning to base.

Our activities had clearly already started pissing people off. The Cult of Sirius are a well-funded group of nutjobs within Mega Primus who are convinced the aliens are humanity’s salvation. Seeing as how we’d spent an evening shooting up their messiahs, they’d become a little unhappy. Nothing that couldn’t be rectified with some cold hard cash mind (I see they take their own beliefs seriously), but I ultimately declined to pay.

We received a second alert soon after, this time a sighting in a local warehouse. My team redeployed immediately, with Kelron taking up Korgha’s weapons and assuming his place, and we hit the warehouse. Things did not go according to plan.

As you’ll see from the shot above the warehouse was a tactical nightmare. Multiple levels, cargo bays and gantries to cover with plenty of crap to block line of sight. We faced enemy strength roughly equal to that in the slum operation, but things turned into an absolute mess right around the time that shot was taken.  I’d sent the squad up to clear the gantry with the aim of controlling the high ground. Turns out the aliens had the same idea and placed nearly every single one of their forces up there. Dezzick’s squad came out of the the top of the grav-lift and ended up face to face with those giant worms again.

With no real room to maneuver they tried to leg it to the opposite end of the gantry, but Dezzick was caught and killed by the worms. You can see his corpse, partially obscured as it is by the edge of the gantry. He didn’t make it ten paces. What followed was a desperate minute where all my Agents switched to rapid fire and spat lead at anything they could see. The squad on the other side of the warehouse had also run into problems, after being ambushed on their way up the grav-lift.

Here’s one of the little orange aliens trying to desperately attach itself to Hermit’s head and get at his brain. The rest of the team were able to take it down in time. They were forced to camp the lift for the rest of the mission, as every so often one of the little suckers would travel up it and try and go for Hermit’s brain again.

Back on the other side, the squad formerly led by Dezzick had rallied and fought their way back to the grav-lift, killing anything that got in their way. Asmodeus, as it turns out, is less than accurate with the autocannon. At one point he put an explosive round right into the edge of the gantry near to Dezzick’s body. The gantry just about survived, but the blast triggered one of the stun grenades that Dezzick had been carrying. The large green cloud above is stun gas, which very nearly knocked the rest of the team clean out just before the end of the mission. Asmodeus’s promotion may have been a mistake.

We clear the warehouse with no more losses and some minor wounds to the rest of the team. Again, I’m a bit worried about leaving that massive pile of alien dead behind. Asmodeus, despite nearly incapacitating his entire team, is promoted again, presumably to fill the Squad Leader shoes of the dear, departed Dezzick. If he made it to heaven, he can at least take solace in the fact that his death was worth four points more than Korgha’s.

Part 3 now is now up, follow the link here.

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10 Responses to X-Com Diary: Part 2

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  2. Hermit says:

    Stupid aliens. Them’s my brains, not food.

  3. Korgha says:

    R.I.P. Korgha

  4. Lukasa says:

    Them aliens better leave my (Creed’s) J-Server boys alone. Still making for excellent reading though. 🙂

  5. Xzal says:

    More More 😀 You also helped me decide to buy the X-Com set.

  6. Jsnuk says:

    haha, great write ups Creed, keep em coming (and with extra Snukk).

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  8. Josh W says:

    You’ve probably found out by now but I don’t think you have to wait for alerts; if your confident some place has been infiltrated with aliens, then raid it to find out. Better now than when they’re more established (although if there aren’t any you risk annoying people).

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