X-Com Diary: Part 3

Welcome back, it’s good to see you. This is the third part of my X-Com Apocalypse play diary, wherein I attempt to save humanity with a handful of men and women named for my chums in J-Server. You can find an introduction and part one here, and part two here.

Day Four

I am an idiot. See that little box pictured above? My Biochemists have been slaving hard to come up with that. It’ll let me bring back aliens from tactical missions, alive or dead, for research purposes. It’s a great boon, a much needed piece of equipment in our attempts to understand the alien menace. And I can’t use it. Regular readers will recall that in part one of this diary my first action as X-Com commander was to remodel our base of operations somewhat, in an attempt to make it more secure. This required the demolition and relocation of several facilities, one of which was the workshop. I didn’t realise it at the time, but the only way to manufacture technology that your boffins come up with is to make it yourself. At the start of the game you get one of each science facility, including a workshop for your engineers, and I’d unwittingly knocked mine down on day one. I’ve already got a replacement under construction, but it’ll take another four days, an absolute lifetime as far as I’m concerned.

Things were relatively quiet during the day following our last tactical mission and my scientists were motoring through their available research. That strange looking device above is used to launch those orange brainsuckers that were so taken with Agent Hermit’s head on the last mission. My quantum physicists also managed to complete some research on the UFO we shot down, but it yielded little tangible result. I spent a little bit of time reorganising my Agents’ equipment and load outs, ordering in some more ammunition and weaponry. I’m tending to favour the Marsec M4000 for rookies as it’s cheap and the rounds do minimum collateral damage if they miss their target. The same can not be said of the likes of the Megapol Autocannon.

I also managed to round up some new recruits, like Grey Painter in the picture there. He’s a hybrid, an individual with some real psionic potential. Complete pansies in a stand up fight, but when trained up and equipped with Mindbenders they’ll let me do all kinds of psychic nastiness to the aliens. I also managed to find an android recruit with decent stats and snapped him up too. Lukasa is my anti-psionic, androids being completely immune to all forms of psionic attack. This will become pretty important as the aliens will undoubtedly deploy some mean psionics of their own as the invasion escalates.

You can see I’m doing reasonably well so far. At the end of each week my score will determine what kind of funding I can expect to get from the Senate and its supporting organisations. A negative score will reduce my income while a positive one will equal an increase in next week’s funding. So far the numbers are going up, thanks to my successful tactical missions and research, so I’m cautiously optimistic. It’ll be a while yet before I’m in a position to generate my own income (i.e. sell captured alien tech on the black market), so I’m completely dependent on the Senate. If I do a bad job or they get infiltrated by the aliens (both being very real possibilities) my cash flow will go down the tube.

A solid day free of alien activity was needed, as it allowed my injured Agents to heal up in the medical bay and for the rest to get some extra combat training done. There was no drama until early the next morning when one of the city’s criminal gangs, Diablo, launched an airborne raid against one of the central police stations. A handful of hovercars managed to fire several missile volleys into the stations, doing some serious damage, before being taken down by Megapol, the city police force. It’s one of the nice little things about Apocalypse as a game that I don’t think it does enough with – things will happen in the city entirely without your involvement, with rival organisations regularly raiding the crap out of one another. What’s worse, if I seriously piss off a group like the Cult of Sirius they’ll try and level my bases with air power before sending in the ground troops.

The aliens launched a raid in broad daylight soon after and this time I did manage to shoot down another type of UFO, my forces once again ably assisted by Megapol. My researchers were going to be busy tonight. Unfortunately, in my haste to bag a new type of UFO I let some of the others slip back through the dimension gates after deploying more aliens. And you know what that means…

Another alert, this time at one of the city’s recyclotoriums. Mega Primus is an entirely self-contained city with minimal waste. Everything that can be recycled gets recycled, as far as I’m aware, which makes these structures pretty vital to the city.

And when I say everything, that apparently means everything. Take a look at that central channel in the screenshot above. I actually did a double take when I first spotted it too. Look in amongst the discarded furniture and other detritus and you’ll clearly see… corpses. Freakin’ corpses. What manner of hellish city am I fighting to save?

Follow this link to Part 4.

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6 Responses to X-Com Diary: Part 3

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  2. Asmodeus says:

    Keep them coming Creed. Highlight of my day!

  3. Lukasa says:

    Still loving these. Makes me pine a bit for the X-Com games. Also, glad to see you finally got a badass android. Don’t know who that guy is, but he seems awesome. Also sexy. Also smart. Also funny.

  4. grey_painter says:

    Solyent Green is furniture!

    Also, trace amounts of people.

    Glad to see I’ve made my triumphant appearance, sitting around the base just staying at people to unnerve them. Hopefully I’ll avoid autocannon fire long enough to be useful.

  5. Jsnuk says:

    The real question is, how long can you go without one of us throwing a nade at the back of another one’s head?

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