Back In The Saddle at Citizen Game

Remember Citizen Game? That hip, up and coming, totally rad and relevant web-thingy that I was involved with back in the day? Well I’m totally back writing for them:

For me, there are a couple of titles that go beyond mere favouritism. I have in my possession a select group of games that at least once a year,  usually precipitated by the infamous summer lull in release schedules,  I re-install and play to the exclusion of all else. And I’m not talking about a casual revisit to a particular saved game or some idle nostalgia trip. These games constitute my Annual Gaming Binges, where I ignore all but the most pressing outside concerns and play on day after day until I burn out.

Would you like to know more?

Danny has also been busting his ass producing the video show he always dreamed of doing, together with CG’s Tamoor “Inside Man” Hussain. Citizen Game Episode’s One and Two are already out, with a monthly schedule going forward, and so far the results have been very well received. The fact that Danny pretty much wrote and directed the whole thing himself makes it all the more impressive, as does the fact that’s it’s basically himself and Tamoor for the majority of show. I’m super chuffed to have even the merest association with them.

That’s not to say there isn’t room for improvement, and I’d like to think people will give Danny and the rest of us at CG as much feedback as possible, but so far the episode template seems to be a runner.

P.S. I haven’t forgotten about the X-Com diary I’ve been doing, and will get back to it asap.

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