X-Com Diary: Part 6

Ah yes, remember this ol’ thing? Welcome to Part 6 of my X-Com play diary. New readers can find the introduction and Part 1 here, and follow the links right back to this here post. Or, if they prefer being confused, they may start below.

Day Seven


So, where were we? Ah yes. X-Com had survived its first week of active duty relatively unscathed. Staffed and run entirely by members of J-Server, this is an achievement in and of itself. There had been casualties, cock-ups and at least one innocent bystander mown down in the course of, um, protecting humanity, but overall positive progress had been made. (He wrote, conveniently forgetting about the takeover of one of the city’s criminal gangs by the alien invaders.)

My first order of business for week two was to begin construction of the long awaited Bio-Transport Module for my vehicles, so I could finally start bringing back alien corpses for study. I set my crack team of engineers to construct three, as I want a few spare to see how much they can sell for on the market. As soon as one rolls off the production line it’s going straight into the J-Mobile. No more leaving bodies at the scene for X-Com, no sir.


I also took care of a little light housekeeping at J-HQ. As you can see I’ve queued up a lot more construction projects with my first dose of government funds. I’ve definitely decided that J-HQ is going to be mission deployment central, so I’m adding more stores and living quarters to accommodate future recruitment. I’ve also added additional security stations for extra protection from ground assault. I’m treating such an occurrence as an inevitability. Extra stocks of ammunition and equipment have been bought in too in anticipation of an expanded X-Com fighting force, and I’ve sacked some of my less talented scientists and replaced them with more skilled individuals for future research projects. As soon as those alien corpses start coming in, I want them dissected to bits and the results written up as soon as possible.

He's pro

I also managed to find some new recruits. Check out Paddy above. I love androids in X-Com. Hire the right ones and you get a hulking, super strong bad-ass virtually impervious to fear and pain, with enough strength to move in full kit without his speed being affected too much. While firing the mightiest of guns. The Terminator, essentially. I’ve hired the bloody Terminator. My ultimate plan is to have enough of these guys to form a dedicated squad of anti-psionics, who can be sent in without fear of them falling under mind control to take down the inevitable groups of psychic aliens. Lukasa and now Paddytehpyro are the first of that squad. What’s more, the autocannon I’ve equipped him with has the option of incendiary rounds, so Paddytehpyro can stay true to his name if I wish.


And then it’s back to the job. Alien sighting, again. In a warehouse, again. What is their fascination with these buildings? Is it all the boxes stored haphazardly inside, perhaps? Are they after the pristine packaged goods contained within? We need to find out. With the J-Mobile loaded up, the lack of a Bio-Transport module all the more painful now as I wait for one to finally come out of the workshop, I send in the troops. Sorry Grey Painter and the newly-recruited Xzalander, this rocket ship only seats twelve.


The following engagement is notable for two reasons. Number one, look above. That alien is firing a god-damn, bonafide, laser blaster type thing. It’s the first time I’ve seen one, and to see it so soon is worrying. Again, this is only the start of the second week and already the aliens are deploying their more advanced technology against us. (One of the team, The Admiral, took a direct hit from this gun during the fight and lost about half his health, which is scary.) On the plus side, once we waste that big blue futhermucker, we can totally steal his purple death ray for our own use.

Clever girl

The second reason this little scrap (no casualties, a handful of targets, *yawn*) is worth mentioning is that the aliens actually tried to use tactics. Our blue friend with the laser chucked a bunch of smoke grenades to cover his retreat, and it worked. He was able to sneak around the basement and come up using another grav-lift on the other side of the warehouse without being seen. Anyone else thinking on playing Apocalypse after reading this diary take note. I think I might have been underestimating the alien AI in engagements so far. This time it popped smoke as a defensive measure and tried a different angle of attack. Just like a real person would. Creepy.


Advanced alien thinking was no match for ordinary human bullets in the end though, and we returned to base with a ray gun to study. I can’t wait to see the research results. Even if the weapon turns out not to be totally effective, we should still be able to hawk a few on the market for extra cash. And I’ve got a feeling an alien death ray will carry a significant price tag. The research is started, I return to the main screen and lo…

AgainIt’s another alert. In another warehouse. Hurrah.

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6 Responses to X-Com Diary: Part 6

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  2. Lukasa says:

    Squee! It’s back! And now I have a superawesome Androidy friend. Now, Creed, while you continue with your busy research, hiring and killing schedule, you need to buy Paddy and me our own J-Mobile. So that, you know, we can be a supercool terminator team.

    Motorcycles would be acceptable.

    (Also: I love this series. More please. 😀 )

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  4. beararsed says:

    keep it coming Mr Creed 😀

  5. Asmodeus says:

    Very nice, Creed. Yet another update where I don’t get anyone killed!

  6. Itachi_NSV says:

    well done creed, these things really make me want to play apocalypse some more. Then I remember every time I play it ends in a holocaust of pain and suffering.

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