X-Com Diary: Part 7

>>>Security Alert

>>>Perimeter Alarms Activated

>>>Hostile Intrusion Detected

Oh. Oh shit.

+++Personal Comm Link Audio Log No. 7223+++

+++Agent Callsign: Asmodeus+++

A: “Squad leaders, sound off. We have a breach.”

(Sound of explosion)

A: “I need escorts for the science teams. We need to evacuate all non-combat personnel immediately. Admiral, keep them in the living quarters until we can secure a safe exit.”

(Radio chatter)

A: “Do we have eyes on the access lift? Are the security stations online?”


>>>Security Alert

>>>Interior Alarms Activated

>>>Lethal Countermeasures Activated

+++Personal Comm Link Audio Log No. 8645+++

+++Agent Callsign: Inertia+++

I: “Sarge, we heard explosions. Have you engaged?”

A: “We’re getting hosed. Hostile targets confirmed as Osiron. Stay in cover if you can, they’re using rockets.”

I: “Acknowledged. Do we have an order?”

A: “We need to box them in around the access lift, keep them bottled. See if you can secure one of the security stations. Once we have them locked down, waste them.”

I: “Roger that.”

+++Personal Comm Link Audio Log No. 3642+++

+++Agent Callsign: Grey Painter+++

(Sound of explosion)

GP: “Help! Killa is down and I’m hit. Can anyone see them?”

K: “Over by the vehicle bay, at least four of them-“

(Gunfire, another explosion)

GP: “Kelron pass me your medkit.”

GP: “I see them, I see th-“


K: “I need help here!”

+++Personal Comm Link Audio Log No. 7634+++

+++Agent Callsign: Lukasa+++

L: “Target left, 20 metres. Do you see him Paddy?”

P: “Copy, opening fire.”


L: “Sergeant, they have broken through. We have targets attempting to flank our position.”

L: “Sergeant Asmodeus?”

H: “Lukasa this is Hermit. The sarge is dead. They’re all over us. Can you assist?”

L: “Negative. We’ve been engaged.”

H: “We’ve all been engaged. I’ve got two guys bleeding out here and we need support!”

P: “Incoming!”

(Sound of explosion)

L: “Paddy? Paddy are y-“

(Sound of explosion)

+++Personal Comm Link Audio Log No. 3924+++

+++Agent Callsign: Admiral+++

Ad: “Run! Get back, back into the bunk room. I’ll give you cover.”


Ad: “Anyone, anyone near my position, they’re right on top of us. We need help.”

(Gunfire. Scream. Possible sound of struggle.)

Ad: “Fuck you!”


Ad: “I’ll fucking take you all on!”


+++Personal Comm Link Audio Log No. 7842+++

+++Agent Callsign: J-Snukk+++

J: “This is Snukk to all agents. I’m assuming command. I think we’ve killed most of them and the rest look to be falling back. Rally on me at the security station and we can evacuate the wounded while we have a chance.”

I: “Target below us!”

J: “Let them have it!”


J: “Shit, fucking smoke. Anyone see him?”

I: “Turret got him.”

J: “Good. Anymore?”

(Sound of explosion)

J: “Fucking rockets.”

>>>Extraterrestrial Combat Unit Casualty Report

>Asmodeus: KIA

>Grey Painter: KIA

>PaddytehPyro: KIA

>x25killa: KIA

Onward, to Part 8, guest appearing at Chinwags From Behind A Desk.

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12 Responses to X-Com Diary: Part 7

  1. Lukasa says:

    OH NO! My android buddy got killed! 😦

    This is a sad, sad day for J-Com.

  2. Lukasa says:

    Wait, I just realised…Paddy was an Android!

    “We Must Rebuild.”

  3. Nersh says:

    Epic. Is this J-Com’s darkest hour?

  4. beararsed says:

    oh my, where do you go from here?

    another great chapter Mr Creed.

  5. Oh dear god…

    However, now I can go and be an XCOM agent! Won’t that…be..fun…

    *looks at diary entry again*

    Actually, please don’t.

    • Itachi_NSV says:

      Hm, I’m with Druggy on this one. As much as I’d love to join in on the xenocide, I’d also prefer not dieing a horrendous death.

      Screw it, I still want to be in. Atleast I can say I tried to stop the xeno scum.

  6. grey_painter says:

    As a psychic I should have seen this coming… I blame Hidden for giving out our position.

  7. Asmodeus says:


  8. Jsnuk says:

    I win

  9. Hermit says:

    It’s fine, we’ll just wire up dead people’s brains into some Android exoskeletons.

    Can’t possibly go wrong.

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