X-Com Diary: Part 8

(This is a re-post of Part 8 of the diary that appeared as a guest post on J-Server blog Chinwags From Behind A Desk. I present it here in order to keep a continual copy of the diary on my own blog for posterity.)

We got hit. And we got hit hard.

Osiron, at the behest of their alien masters no doubt, launched a raid on our base with over a dozen men. Half of them were packing Marsec rocket launchers. The ensuing fight was… well, it was a bloodbath.

You don't ever want to see this screen

Four Agents dead, four more hit so bad they nearly died from their wounds before the battle was finished. The gangers just rushed in with no regard for their own safety, firing high explosive rockets everywhere. It was horrible, but my foresight to build security stations all around the access lift saved the day I think. The automated guns took their fair share of kills and kept the scattered enemy troops from forming up and pushing deep into our base. By the end of the fight, I had one squad whose members were relatively uninjured and I just dug them in around a security station to wait for the stragglers to be picked off.

x25killa was the first to die in the engagement, splattered by one rocket. Asmodeus and his squad suffered through half a dozen rocket hits as they tried to put some fire on the access lift before he succumbed to his wounds. Grey Painter and Paddy were knocked unconscious by a stun grenade and then killed when a followup rocket detonated the ammunition on Paddy’s body. I thought Admiral was going to die defending the science team when they ran straight into two gangers as they were falling back into the base. He took several point blank hits from one of those alien blasters before he killed both of them with his machine gun set to full auto. He totally earned his new Sergeant stripes.

As you might have guessed from the last post, Osiron were packing some serious heat, technology both human and alien. While I sold off most of what they left behind (If I never see another Marsec launcher again it’ll be too soon…) I did spot this little curiosity in among the pile. It’s another alien weapon that, dare I say it, vaguely evokes a swastika. An exploding swastika, judging by the description. If there’s one thing worse than murderous aliens from another dimension, it’s murderous Nazi aliens from another dimension. I’ll have my scientists check into it as soon as they’re done researching the ray gun.

I’ve also had to do some emergency recruitment to replace slain agents and to help cover for those injured agents currently healing up in my medical bay. Dr. Dick, Da’Jobat and Bad Pixel are among the new hires. If they last longer than a week I’ll be very surprised. Ground missions are only going to get tougher now, and with the majority of my troops injured to some degree I’m going to have to be all the more careful when it comes to combat.

Speaking of combat, the aliens strike soon after the Osiron raid. These are brand new types of UFO, bigger and undoubtedly tougher than the ones we’ve seen before. I dread to think what new horrors they may be carrying. Strictly speaking, I don’t think we’ve got any air power that can really take them on, but I deploy my fleet of hoverbikes anyway. They entirely fail to reach their targets before their deployment mission is complete. Sigh. They also entirely failed to shoot down any of these new craft. Double sigh.

By now, I’m pretty pissed off. Osiron waltzed into my base and shot up some of my best agents (and x25killa) and they’re going to get away with it because I’ve nothing to commit to a retaliatory raid, and now the aliens have flown by in shiny new ships and dumped a truckload more extraterrestrial scum on my city while I’m still trying to recover. Bastards. I’m not going to stand for this. I’m not going to just sit and wait for another alert. I saw the building the aliens were dropped into, so I load up the J-Mobile with every able bodied agent and send them over there as soon as the sky is clear. I’m not going to give them a chance to get settled.

In Apocalypse you can send agents to investigate any building you please. If you don’t find any aliens, you’ll piss off the organisation that controls the building, but I don’t think that’s going to be a problem here.

They’re here all right. My agents deploy onto the factory floor, all wide open space punctuated by the odd gantry or engine assembly. It takes us all of half a second to spot our first targets.

Why they all decided to hide up there, I’ll never know. It’s a tower with only one exit at the bottom, with minimal cover and of fragile construction. I actually grinned when I saw this. The aliens are already boxed in nice and neatly for us. If we can avoid the return fire we should be able to complete this mission relatively quickly.

The aliens pop smoke and try to do a runner from the bottom of the tower, but five angry X-Com agents with weapons set to full auto make very, very short work of the breakout attempt. Five aliens dead in as many seconds and they don’t even get a single shot off. It’s glorious. I think there might still be a few left in the tower, so I move the second squad of four agents around the other side to cover the exit while the first squad covers them. It’s then that someone spots this little fellow:

It’s small, blue and ugly as all hell. And it comes barreling towards my agents…

…while trailing smoke. This can’t be good, and I order my agents to open fire on the little blue monster. It keeps coming, dodging fire like some kind of ninja, until…

…Sweet. Zombie. Jesus.

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8 Responses to X-Com Diary: Part 8

  1. beararsed says:

    but what happens next? what…WHAAAAAAT!?!

  2. fragglepaper says:

    Write some more, yo. For pete’s sake. Pete’s a good man. He likes salad. And X-Com.

  3. Chef says:

    Need more plz…addicted like a heroin junkie

  4. Jere says:

    Is this diary dead? 😦

    • imperialcreed says:

      Not at all Jere. I’ve been on holidays and what not. Actually getting around to some new entries today. Stay tuned 🙂

  5. softchews says:

    Random alien nuke dogs suck 😦 Whole squad died of one once. Get your revenge soon!

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