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Netrunner Deck: Reina Roja, The Red Queen

Here’s a Runner deck that I’ve been tinkering with that tries to make use of Reina Roja, the latest Runner ID that comes with the Mala Tempora data pack for Android: Netrunner (duh). I’ve nicked this deck almost wholesale from … Continue reading

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Android: Netrunner

So I’ve been playing Netrunner a bit (and thinking and reading about it when I’m not playing it), and I’m convinced it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. I find this surprising and odd because historically speaking I … Continue reading

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It’s been too long.

I’ve missed writing. More soon.

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I’m Back. Also Blood Bowl.

Man, it’s been a weird few months. Blog has been very, very neglected, that’s for sure. I’ll try and sort that out down the line. Briefly, games-wise, we’ve been playing Blood Bowl on PC. Lots and lots of Blood Bowl. … Continue reading

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Citizen Game Updates

Man, busy busy. Eurogamer Expo trip over and done with, which was ace. Here’s me blogging here and here about it. Oh, and I’m on the latest Citizen Gamecast talking about the whole EG Expo weekend too. Fun stuff. Great … Continue reading

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X-Com Diary: Part 10

Part 10? Man, who would have thought J-Server would last this long? (I say that of course, but in-game it’s only been a week and a half since we set out to save what’s left of the world). A lot … Continue reading

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The Return of the X-Com Diary: Part 9

Yes, yes I know. It’s been over a month since Part 8 and I apologise to the four of you that were on tenterhooks with regard to the diary’s continuation. I’ve been on holiday, changed jobs and played an awful … Continue reading

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