Feature Archive

Here are perma-links (I hope!) to any of my worthwhile feature work that has appeared online:

Retailers Steamed – Citizen Game

Off The Scale – Citizen Game

Expect More DRM – Citizen Game

Binge Gaming – Citizen Game

Good Lord, Infinity Ward – Citizen Game

Top Ten Platformers With a Twist – Hi-Score

Why I Play Games – Resolution

Good Things About Bad Games: Kane & Lynch – Resolution

Forbidden Love? – The Escapist

Too Old To Play Part 1: System Shock 2 – Game.ie

An Interview with Jim Rossignol, author of This Gaming Life – The Irish Gamers

An Interview with Chris Livingston, creator of Concerned, Livin’ in Oblivion and 1Fort – The Irish Gamers


2 Responses to Feature Archive

  1. The_B says:

    Your link to Jim’s interview is pointing to Chris Livingston’s.

  2. imperialcreed says:

    D’oh. So it is. Will rectify. Thanks!

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